Step Three: A Quick Look Back

Step Three: FDD Review

Step Three: A Quick Look Back

In our last call, the Menchie’s Winning Formula, you saw how Menchie’s franchisees create an iconic brand guests connect to, and how you and Menchie’s will work together to replicate our success in your community.

You learned why Menchie’s appeals to a wide range of guests, including children, adults, and seniors.

You saw how the revenue of each Menchie’s store is ultimately determined by four factors:

  • 1. Guest Acquisition: Attracting new guests
  • 2. Guest Frequency: The number of visits the average guest makes per week
  • 3. Guest Average Ticket: The amount of money the average guest spends each visit
  • 4. Guest Retention: Satisfying and retaining existing guests

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