Step Five: Discovery Day

Step Five: Discovery Day

Step Five: Discovery Day

Simply put, you should have a good idea of who Menchie’s is, what it takes to win as Menchie’s franchisee and how your personal objective can be met. You should be saying to yourself, “As long as there are no surprises and if I am approved as a franchisee, I will most likely join Menchie’s.” If not, something is missing. Before your next call with your Franchise Development Manager (FDM), take the time to identify what that something is and discuss it.

If you have not already done so, ask your FDM the date of the next Discovery Day and circle the date in your calendar. To the best of your ability, do not book any other activities that will conflict with that date, and confirm it with anyone responsible for helping you make a decision to join Menchie’s. In addition please confirm this date with your FDM.

Here are some helpful hints to prepare you for Discovery Day:

  • Get plenty of rest the night before. Be alert. This is an exhilarating exchange of information
  • Take good notes
  • Come prepared to gather the last missing pieces of information you need to make your decision about joining Menchie’s

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