Joining the Menchie’s Team

Joining the Menchie's Team

Joining the Menchie’s Team

Congratulations! No doubt your ability to spot and seize an opportunity will help you succeed as a Menchie’s franchisee. While most people have the desire to start a business, you are among the few who stepped up and made it happen.

We are honored to play such an important role in the pivotal step you are taking to create the future you want. You may have once heard lives change the moment people take a bold, committed step towards a future goal. You may already be feeling different than you did before Discovery Day.

Perhaps you are bubbling over with enthusiasm. Perhaps you are even a little nervous and a tad afraid of the unknown. Most likely, you are both. Whatever you are feeling, it’s perfectly normal. As you continue to move forward, whatever nervousness or fear of the unknown you now have will transform into an adrenaline rush as you get closer to opening your first Menchie’s store. For the time being, give yourself permission to feel however you now feel. Keep moving forward – you now have momentum on your side.

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